Recreational Marine Electronics

If you live in Townsville or surrounding coastal communities, Seabourne Electronics is your number one resource for marine electronic equipment and services. We are proud to assist recreational boat, yacht and fishing enthusiasts to find the right equipment to keep their vessels safe as they navigate the waters.
Our marine electronics systems service is the best in the region. We can work with anything that has wires and connects to your boat! Whether it’s audio and visual equipment, stereos, satellite televisions and communications devices, GPS, chart plotters, fish finders and other gear, we carry stock from the top manufacturers in the world.
Yachts in Marina — Marine Electronics Services in South Townsville, QLD

Have a Safe Boating Experience

When it comes to marine electronics, a lot has changed over the last decade or two. With satellite services on every corner of the planet now, it’s much easier to communicate with the world when you are out at sea. It doesn’t matter if you are heading out for a short boating adventure near the coast or heading out on a yacht that will be at sea for several months, having the right technology on board is necessary for a safe and enjoyable experience.
The inventory of electronics available for boats and yachts is vast, even if you are on a tight budget. Seabourne Electronics will help you invest your money wisely in the right gear. We’ll help you find the specific electronics devices most suitable for your situation, showing you the make and model in each category that would be best for you.
At Seabourne Electronics we maintain relationships with the top manufacturers of marine electronic equipment in the world. We are the authorised agents for products from companies like Highlander, TMQ Electronics, Coursemaster, Marine Data, Samyung ENC, Raymarine, Icom Garmin, AWA Marine among others. These relationships mean we can supply, install, maintain and repair devices from these companies as per the terms of your manufacturers warranty.
The range of marine electronic devices we carry include aircon systems, alarm and GPS tracking devices, A/V equipment and systems, autopilot gear, battery chargers, chart plotters, LED and underwater lighting, marine navigation equipment and much more.
If you have bought a yacht or fishing boat and need help in determining what equipment you should buy before heading out on your first sea journey, Seabourne Electronics will help you.
If you own marine electronics you will need a reliable company to assist you in the maintenance and repair of these devices. Seabourne Electronics are proud to offer those services.
Our decades of experience, knowledge and training mean we are in a position to work on any device. Whether it’s a VHF radio, a depth sounder, A/V equipment or a satellite communications system, we can maintain and repair it for you. Our team can also install devices on your recreational boats and yachts when you buy the products from our Townsville store.