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Seabourne Electronics supply navigational systems, sailmail, globe wireless and spare shipping parts, along with other marine electronics for recreational and high seas vessels. We also assist our clients in Townsville and surrounding coastal areas with maintenance and repair services. Whether you need urgent repairs on a navigational system or you are would like to have a part replaced in a larger marine electronics device, we can help you.
Seabourne Electronics was established in Townsville Australia in 1977 to install, repair and service all marine electronics equipment in Australia and the Pacific Basin.
Our business goal is to provide a prompt, efficient, cost-effective repair facility for the shipping industry throughout Australia and the Pacific Basin. The marine industry in the area is vast, both for recreational fishing and boating and commercial activities. Our business ensures our clients have a place to come for reliable services and reasonably priced products.
We continue to build new partnerships throughout this region. Seabourne Electronics are proud to announce our most recent expansion through our association with the Australian Government-initiated Pacific Patrol Boat Life Extension Program (PPB), as the principal contractor.
The relationship guarantees our continued involvement and commitment to Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and Fiji. Our strong ties with international shipping, the commercial and recreational fishing industry as well as those cruising for pleasure, is further strengthening our position as the first choice in Marine Electronics.
As well as having strong relationships with significant players in commercial and municipal circles, we also assist our private clients with their marine electronics needs.
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Marine Electronics Industry

Marine electronics is a complex industry, given many of our customers do not have a full understanding of the best products for their particular situation. We believe it’s vital that we continue to provide premium and reputable services. We assist commercial fishers, exporters, importers and private boating enthusiasts with their electronics needs.
Our relationships with companies such as Highlander, TMQ Electronics, Coursemaster, Marine Data, Samyung ENC, Raymarine, Icom, Garmin, AWA Marine and others, enable us to supply and service the highest quality marine electronics available in Australia.

Our Team

We have a team of experienced and loyal staff members who have helped Seabourne Electronics grow into the business powerhouse that it is today. Our team includes:
We are always delighted to welcome new clients into our shop in Townsville. If you have recently bought a boat or yacht and would like help in choosing the right electronics equipment and navigational systems to run it safely and smoothly, Seabourne Electronics would be happy to help you.