High Seas Marine Electronics

A significant part of doing business in the fishing, sea tourism or import and export industries is dealing with the maintenance and repairs involving your ships. Whether you have a passenger yacht or cruiser, or you manage a commercial ship that transports goods around the world, you will want to ensure the vessel and all its internal components are running flawlessly.
We often see clients who have had maintenance or repairs carried out that have created other problems we’ve had to fix. We are specialists in all things marine electronics, these are complex systems that require the right knowledge and expertise in order to keep your vessel and your crew safe, our team have that knowledge and expertise.
The professionals at Seabourne Electronics are well versed and experienced in the installation, maintenance and repair of these electronic systems. We specialise in a vast range of devices, autopilot, chart plotters, LED lighting, marine navigation, marine radar, satellite and communications and UHF/HF/VHF radio systems.
Repairman Fixing Electronics— Marine Electronics Services in South Townsville, QLD

Professional Maintenance

Owning or managing a commercial vessel is a significant responsibility. Often there is expensive cargo being transported from one part of the world to another on the ship as well as crew members or passengers on board during each journey.

Without the right maintenance for your electronics you are putting lives at risk which borders on negligence. There is a serious risk of those machines malfunctioning while your crew and vessel are out at sea without regular maintenance carried out.

At Seabourne Electronics we can help you, we offer maintenance services to clients in Townsville and other North Queensland areas. Regardless of your industry or the kind of vessel you own, we can come to your location and examine and assess all your electronics systems.

We know the ins and outs of every electronic device that you could have on board your vessel. Seabourne Electronics also have exclusive relationships with the top manufacturers of that equipment, which means we have first-hand knowledge and training of how to maintain and repair their devices.

With our affordable and efficient services, your electronic devices can be assessed after each long voyage. The next time your ship is heading out to sea, it will do so with a full slate of flawlessly functioning devices to make sure your crew and passengers have a safe and comfortable journey.

Electronics Repair Services

Aside from routine maintenance, we can also perform regular and urgent repairs on these devices. If you have a time-sensitive issue you can contact us through our emergency call-out number and we will have an agent at your location as soon as possible.
For regular repairs you can call us during business hours or send an email describing your vessel and electronics systems in more detail. Then we can set a time that is convenient for both parties to carry out the repair work.