High Seas Marine Products

Seabourne Electronics have a long history of serving our commercial and government clients in Townsville and surrounding coastal communities. We provide marine electronic equipment ideal for commercial vessels and other high seas ships. Whether it’s a cruiser taking passengers on a tour or a freighter carrying shipments, we can service all of your equipment to ensure the safe operation of the vessel and comfort of those onboard.
We are able to service most types of high seas equipment from JRC, Iridium, Inmarsat, Thrane, Sailor, Yokogawa, Ratheon/Anschutz, Tokimec, Jotron, among others.
Seabourne Electronics are also fully capable to look after your GMDSS Survey needs. Our technicians are approved for Lloyds Register (LR), Bureau Veritas (BV), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and also AMSA (for all Australian registered vessels).
Gyro Repeater Compass— Marine Electronics Services in South Townsville, QLD

Aircon and Refrigeration

Keeping your commercial vessels temperature controlled is much easier with the high-quality aircon equipment we sell and install. Seabourne Electronics also have refrigerators and freezers that will keep your food, drinks and freshly caught fish in optimum condition.


Autopilot technology has come a long way over the last decade, it can now maintain a steady course in light to moderate conditions. These systems enable your helmsman and crew to take a breather now and then.

Cameras and Lighting

Maintain security cameras and alarms so you can monitor every area of your commercial vessel and invest in LED and underwater lighting to improve the onboard conditions during your voyage.

Satellite and Antenna Parts

Satellite technology has reached a point where you can effectively communicate with coast guards, family, friends and colleagues regardless of where you are in the ocean. We can install these satellites and antennas on your vessel.


Seabourne Electronics can show you the best digital displays to complement your navigational equipment, radars and other gear. We have competitive prices on the most durable displays and our team can install them on your ship.

AV Equipment

Commercial ships and cruisers that take customers on a sea voyage must create a hospitable and enjoyable atmosphere during those trips. High quality and reliable audiovisual equipment installed by Seabourne Electronics is a great way to achieve that goal.

Charts and Navigation

Maintain your course, change routes when necessary and steer clear of storms or other vessels when you are out at sea with chart plotters and other navigational systems. Seabourne Electronics can help you choose the right system for your ship size and journey type.

Radar Systems and Parts

Marine radar systems are integral to navigating through darkness, fog and other inhospitable conditions when you are in the thick of the ocean. These radar units are perfect for larger vessels, enabling you to remain on course and avoid any obstacles during the most challenging weather conditions.
If you require any of the above products or any other high seas marine equipment, you will find it at Seabourne Electronics in Townsville. On the off chance that the device you need is not in our stock, we’ll order it for you immediately through our reliable suppliers.