Recreational Marine Products

Seabourne Electronics is the foremost shop in Townsville to get all of your marine navigation and communications equipment for all recreational vessels. From Jetskis to Yachts, we are able to get equipment from some of the leading brands such as FURUNO, RAYMARINE, SIMRAD, LOWRANCE, ICOM, and GME.
All of our technicians have had extensive experience in servicing and installing a wide range of electronics, as well we are trained Raymarine service technicians.
The marine electronics we carry include the following major categories:
Electronic Equipment — Marine Electronics Services in South Townsville, QLD


Whether you’re heading out on a trip just off the shore of Townsville or heading further out to sea, you’ll need appropriate navigation equipment to stay on course and safe. Navigation gear can help you maintain your course, avoid large objects and storms and ensure that you reach your destination in one piece.
Our crew can help you identify the equipment that will work best for your budget and the parameters of your boat or yacht. If you’re not sure about the best model of device is best for your situation, our expert knowledge can come in handy.
We can run through the pros and cons of each device and advise you on why a particular model may be the best choice for you.


Are you planning to call friends to share a fishing spot? Do you intend to radio the coast guard to clarify your position or receive information about where you are heading? Having a strong communication system will make your entire boat or yacht journey a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.
Whether it’s satellite phone, VHF radio or another device you want to use to communicate with other ships or people on shore, our professionals can install it on your boat or yacht correctly.


Not everyone goes out onto the water to fish or enjoy the calm of the ocean. Some people, families or friends head out on their boats or yachts to spend quality time together.
If you plan on hosting people on your boat in style, we can help. We have all the entertainment devices you could want, from LED lights to music systems to satellite television hookups. We will have you sorted in no time!
Security Camera


Concerned that someone may get onto your boat, damage your interior property or steal it when you’re not there? Our crew can help you with the purchase and installation of security cameras and alarm systems. With this equipment, you will be alerted the moment there is any unauthorised activity on or near your boat or yacht when you are not on board.
For all your recreational marine electronic needs, come in and see us at Seabourne Electronics in Townsville today!